We take great pride in our small team of brilliant minds. So here they are:

  • Razvan Stan
    Razvan Stan Master Litigator

    spearheads our litigation practice. He boasts having seen it all in Romanian courts, from human rights disputes to complex tax litigations and, seeing him work, we believe him. We all rely on him for tactical vision and unbeatable court presence, as well as good humor and an endless supply of “war stories” from the court room. You can reach him at

  • Raluca Danes
    Raluca Danes lawyer

    is a bright young lawyer with frighteningly solid technical skills. She’s into commercial disputes and business law in general, as well as many and diverse pro bono and public interest projects. We like her because she is funny and she’s is the type of person you’d call when you have to call a friend on “Who wants to be a millionaire”. If you are in that situation (or you need solid legal advice) she can be contacted at

  • Dr. Anna de Luca
    Dr. Anna de Luca International Counsel

    is an authority in public international law, an active and responsible citizen of the world and a passionate teacher. Anna regularly lectures in international investment law and trade law at Bocconi University in Milan. She is a member of the Milan Bar and for the past decade she has built a solid name in the field. In fact, Anna has been recently appointed by the Italian Republic as a member of the list of
    conciliators at ICSID. She acts as international counsel in partnership with our firm on sophisticated client mandates as well as non-profit and academic endeavours.

  • Cristiana Gheorghe
    Cristiana Gheorghe Lawyer

    is an effective, sharp and highly skilled litigator. We like her for her eagle-eye ability to unearth issues that no-one else can spot and use them to trip the opposing arguments. Cristiana is the lawyer we send to sort out an urgent mess based on limited information, because she is, simply put, fearless. She puts in a great deal of creativity in solving unique situations especially when the best solution is not the most obvious. And she does it all with a smile. She can be reached at

  • Alexandru Iordache
    Alexandru Iordache Dean and Founder

    is the Dean and Founder of the firm, with decades of legal experience in Romania. Before joining the Bar in 1992, he was in law enforcement, so he’s seen both sides of the ‘barricade’. His experience stretches from general litigation, to tax and to white collar crime, but more importantly he is a cool, clear head and we all revert to him to get the big picture and strategic brilliance. Like most wise people, he is also an eclectic reader, a patient gardener and a creative cook.

  • Antonia Zaharia
    Antonia Zaharia Quarter master

    is our Quarter Master, running the office floor and keeping us all in line, on time and informed. She’s legally trained (so no loose talk, please) and has highly valued business management experience which keeps the house in ship shape. If you have doubts about what lawyer you need to speak to, she’ll help you and you can reach her on any topic concerning the office at

  • Malina Aldea
    Malina Aldea International Counsel (Paris)

    Malina is our Sherpa in Paris in all matters litigious. She is an experienced lawyer member of the Bucharest (since 2009) and Paris Bar (since September 2016). Malina was a member of the litigation teams in two of Romania’s leading law firms. She acted for numerous financial institutions and corporations assisting her clients in civil, commercial law, banking and consumer litigations. Malina is educated both in Romania and France and holds a Master Degree in Business Law from Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

  • Raluca Nechimis
    Raluca Nechimis Special Counsel

    is our public procurement guru and a consummate contracts law specialist. Importantly, she is an enthusiast charity worker and passionate reader of philosophy.
    She joins forces with the firm, after a stellar career in senior and managing positions with top three firms in Romania.
    Raluca studied procurement law, business law and arbitration in Europe and USA with the best of the best. She is a contributor, speaker and trainer on various legal aspects of business life in Romania.

  • Adrian Iordache
    Adrian Iordache Managing partner

    now proudly runs the firm as Managing Partner. Adrian is an international lawyer with particular interests in business law, commercial disputes and international arbitration, as well as aviation law. Adrian is widely recognized as a pragmatic, business-first attorney, with a deep knowledge of both the international environment and local complexities. In his spare time, Adrian is absolutely convinced that cognitive psychology will change this century in deep and interesting ways and he’ll tell you all about it if you drop him an email at

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