How we see things

Our vision is a no-nonsense, project-comes-first approach to legal services. The way we see it is that lawyers are partners, conversing fluently in the language of business, adopting entirely the project for which they provide support.

Your ideas keep the world in motion. Our job is to make sure that nothing stands in your way. It’s that simple. So we root for new business, support good ideas and promote intelligent choices.

What is your idea?

Lawyering with passion

Our team of brilliant minds is the best in the business. Because they put clients first.


18 Strada Londra, Ground Floor / 6,
Bucharest 011763, Romania
T: +40.374.069.069 | +40.374.616.161
F: +40.374.676.767
E: office@iordache.partners

What we do

We are a full service firm. Here are three core areas we focus on.

Disclaimer / Terms & conditions

Some legal matters related to the website

The full legal name of our firm is Iordache si Iordache SCA, an unregistered partnership regulated by the Bucharest Bar. “Iordache Partners” is a registered trademark we uses as main trading name. Our VAT no is RO 20715727.

This is a general business presentation website. We do not sell anything online. Therefore, please, don’t take anything written on the website as legal advice, it is not meant for that. The way we provide actual legal advice is by talking to you first, ideally face to face, completing a prior engagement procedure in accordance with local bar rules, understanding the particulars of your issue and providing clearly marked confidential and privileged material applied to that issue.

While we always try to be discrete and professional, any materials or information you send through to us via this website or without having first talked to one of us, will not effectively be protected by legal privilege or confidentiality obligations, so please be prudent and talk to us first. (Generally, we recommend being prudent with your info, there are many crazies out there.)

Neither are we offering here to contract legal services nor advertising services as such. This is a technical point, it means that you need to approach us of your own free will and then we’ll consider jointly whether we should work together. This has something to do with how contracts are formed in some jurisdictions, so we needed to make that clear. It’s also related to professional advertising rules that we must comply with. To recap: on this website we’d just like to introduce ourselves so you know more about us, should you, upon careful consideration, decide to approach us for potential work.

Iordache Partners is a proud member firm of Mackrell International, one of the world’s leading networks of independent law firms.  This is a network of independent firms, so, while we work closely with over the over 90 firms in the network to offer the best legal reach to our clients, we are not part of the same firm legally. We also regularly work  in consortium with other, independent, firms in Romania and elsewhere, including the UK SRA regulated firm Consortium Legal. Therefore, unless we otherwise provide in our engagement on a particular project, each of the member firms of the network is severally responsible for its own services.

Of course, we try to keep the website updated, fun and entertaining, but we cannot unfortunately guarantee any legal or technical information is up to date, we’re just too busy to offer that guarantee at this stage. Therefore you should not rely on the contents without first checking with us directly, even if we ever post more technical questions. Again, bottom line: not legal advice, don’t rely on it to act, call us first.

If you write to us, we’ll use the information we glean from your email to communicate with you and that’s that. We may also disclose it for internal purposes to advisors (e.g. our accountants, for instance) but we won’t sell your info or otherwise make use of it for any other commercial purpose.

Similarly, if you wish to send us your information for employment purposes (such as a CV or a covering letter), we’ll use that to judge your application and that may also mean we may show it to our recruitment consultant (we have one). Otherwise, we won’t show it to anyone else, unless you tell us you’re ok with that.

In order to stay informed as to how our website is used by the public, we may also process (e.g. aggregate) information and stats on the website usage. This is generally anonymous usage info, not personal stuff. We might do this, essentially, to make the website better. No personal information will be used.

We assume you’re ok providing us with your information to be used fairly for the above purposes, but if you wish to restrict that use in any other way, just let us know.

If you wish to know more about our privacy policy in force at any given time (it might change), please drop us an email here.

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