We take great pride in our small team of brilliant minds. So here they are:

  • Razvan Stan Master Litigator

    Spearheads our litigation practice. He boasts having seen it all in Romanian courts, from human rights disputes to complex tax litigations and, seeing him work, we believe him. We all rely on him for tactical vision and unbeatable court presence, as well as good humor and an endless supply of “war stories” from the court room. You can reach him at

  • Adrian Iordache Managing partner

    Adrian proudly runs the firm as Managing Partner. Adrian is an international lawyer with particular interests in business law, commercial disputes and international arbitration, as well as aviation law. Adrian is widely recognized as a pragmatic, business-first attorney, with a deep knowledge of both the international environment and local complexities. In his spare time, Adrian is absolutely convinced that cognitive psychology will change this century in deep and interesting ways and he’ll tell you all about it if you drop him an email at

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  • Raluca Danes Senior Associate

    is our senior associate, who boasts her age in experience and an accomplished dual advisory and litigation focus. Her work ethic and technical skills put us all to shame and her leadership instinct puts to rest any qualms over the future of the firm. Raluca has a diverse pro bono and public interest portfolio, in which we love to be dragged into regularly. We like her because she is funny, she hails from Cluj (where she went to law school) and that she’s is the type of person you’d call when you have to call a friend on “Who wants to be a millionaire”. If you are in that situation (or you need solid legal advice) she can be contacted at

  • Antonia Zaharia Research Associate

    Antonia is a long-standing member of our legal crew. She is a law graduate from University of Bucharest and joined us in 2015 as Quarter Master and subsequently joined our legal research team. Antonia has strong experience in Corporate law and civil procedure and is a joy to work with. She is also the house supplier of outrageously unhealthy sugary treats. We’re still working on that. You can reach out to her in confidence for any matter related to the office at